Our story



A new venture. Experts are joining forces. Urgent need for a paradigm shift in logistics and transport. Time to act!



We are living in an era of transition(s). Concerns about the disastrous effects of climate change are widely acknowledged. Worldwide we can see the examples and results. Effects caused in part by industries like the energy sector, chemical sector and logistical sector. A redesign of these industries is needed. New paradigms for transport and connectivity are central to this.


In 2015, the United Nations (UN) agreed to the ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ (SDGs) to urgently take on the challenges now facing humankind; making counter action ever more urgent. As an answer to these sustainability goals (for example on infrastructure, urban development, production processes, climate change and partnerships), a new economy is surfacing based on circularity and sharing. The basis for this lies in an intensive collaboration to come to symbiosis in both circular value chains as well as between those value chains.


To achieve this, many and often diverse stakeholders, need to be literally and figuratively connected.



The world of logistics currently depends on five modes of transport: road, rail, water, air and pipelines. The first four are being used to capacity; the fifth, pipes or tubes, a lot less. Given the capacity constraints, the other modes are facing this seems quite remarkable and provides ample opportunities. We feel this needs to change quickly, which is why we have founded FPTI – Future Proof Transport Initiatives.



FPTI – Future Proof Transport Initiatives initiates, conceptualises and implements. We bring parties together, connecting, aiming at jointly exploring, developing and implementing new pipeline uses, transporting not only liquids and gasses but also focussing on other cargo streams, such as packages and palletised goods. On a project, by project basis, we develop a promising initiative, together with interested companies and organisations, and follow through by directing and guiding the action to full-scale implementation.


FPTI acts as the connecting party, enabling the project by using our unique knowledge and extensive network, focussing primarily on the Netherland and Flanders but rapidly expanding to Europe. As a starting point, we connect all actors constituting the triple helix (industry, government and academia). Through our joint experience, we understand and speak the language of industry, government and academics. When required, we include citizen participation (quadruple helix). By bringing all stakeholders around the table, common ground can be found, delivering progress for all stakeholders and thereby creating a sustainable solution.


FPTI is a joint venture of Enprodes, TRI-VIZOR, and Van Gemert Groep


TRI-VIZOR has been acting as an architect of horizontal cooperation in logistics for ten years. Bundling, clustering, pooling and shipping logistics is its mission.


Van Gemert Groep focusses on  new societal results through collaboration.